Music Monday (SXSW edition): Parlovr

Parlovr Local artist to: Montréal Canada RIYL: pop rocks in your mouth, tank tops, the color magenta cut with yellow. fun stuffs. just listen. A cheap Kmart guitar with its guts ripped out, a two-piece drum kit and a keyboard with a mind of its own would all be alone if they weren’t all thrown […]


Music Monday (SXSW edition): Fenster

Fenster Local artist to: Berlin Germany RIYL: Chamber Pop, Miranda Sykes, Sin Fang Fenster makes de-constructed pop music. Their lyrics are often carefully constructed dream narratives, finding inspiration in the world of ghosts, graveyards. trains, religious imagery, and broken machinery. In their music, they build songs around errors, blending melodic chords with broken beats or […]

Music Monday (SXSW edition): Balthazar

balthazar local artist to: ghent belgium riyl: millionaire, the van jets, das pop balthazar are an alternative pop band, with rock, electro and hiphop influences. they were formed in 2004 in kortrijk-belgium and anticipated their first album with gigs all over europe and a tour in south africa. their debut album “applause” was released march […]

Music Monday: Calhoun

calhoun local artist to: fort worth, texas riyl: blind pilot, pete yorn, doug burr, cataldo, alt-folk-rock calhoun’s music has been described as catchy, irresistible, gorgeous, melodic, sorta poppy, sorta rootsy, sorta rockin’, and, in general, really splendid music. you can call it what you will, but lead singer tim locke says, “we’re just a pop […]

Music Monday: Cataldo

cataldo local artist to: seattle washington riyl: indie folk rock, ben gibbard, hey marseilles, alexander cataldo is the recording project of eric anderson. an increasingly consistent though persistently shifty group of musician pals joins him live and in the studio. their music is generally of the “indie” variety–meaning pop/rock/folk which hopefully seems like it was […]

Music Monday: The Robot Heart

the robot heart local artist to: brighton uk riyl: tunng, low, tim and sam’s tim and the sam band, indie folk this video makes me want to visit brighton again. such a lovely seaside town! i just love colorful animated videos. pretty little song that reminds me of one of my fave bands, tunng. listen […]

Music Monday: Skeleton$

skeleton$ local artist to: new york city riyl: avant-garde, afro-pop, jazz rock, animal collective, dirty projectors skeletons are a bit difficult to peg for a certain style of music. each song is different from the last but yet the ‘people’ album is oddly cohesive and well put together. i would love to see this band […]