Portlandia Poster Process by DKNG Studios

I just love a good poster and this design for IFC’s Portlandia by DKNG Studios is brilliant! Watch the video to view the design process from start to finish. You can download the wallpaper from the good peeps at IFC.com.


week in film and tv 6.23.2011

aside from the siff films i have listed recently, i have been keeping the momentum going with lots of viewing at home. this is a list of viewed stuff from the last few weeks. the weather is too nice to be staying indoors! what have you been watching? any suggestions? i do love suggestions!

me and you and everyone we know (2005)

and after seeing miranda july’s second film first, the future (2011), i wasn’t sure if miss july is a creative genius or a complete whackadoodle. i can now say she is a genius after seeing me and you and everyone we know.

haunted honeymoon (1986)

i’m a sucker for gene wilder. while this wasn’t his best movie, it was still fun. this was also the last film to star gilda radner (gene’s wife) before her illness.

marriage italian style (1964)

i love foreign films and more so the simplicity and beauty of older films. stunning sophia loren is a mistress to a businessman who takes advantage of her for years and years. she gets her revenge by tricking him into marriage.

timer (2009)

a sci-fi romantic comedy about a woman who is worried that she will never find her soul mate because her biotechnological implant that counts down to the moment one is supposed to meet his or her match isn’t ticking yet. i like how believable they made this concept in the movie.

jack goes boating (2010)

who doesn’t love philip seymour hoffman and amy ryan??? hoffman directs and stars in this “romantic comedy” about a marijuana-smoking limo driver who tries to win the heart of a girl while watching their mutual friend’s marriage end. i wouldn’t classify this a romantic comedy, but it is heartfelt and made me feel sad at times.

reaper, season one (2007)

i like shows about death (six feet under, pushing up daisies, dead like me, etc). it’s not an obsession, more of a curiosity of the unknown and experiences leading up to that last second. sam, a 21-yr old becomes the devil’s bounty hunter that brings escaped souls back to hell. it’s a good show to have running in the background and the characters are very likable.

friday night lights, season 5 (2011)

there are many reasons why i watch this show…good story, coach taylor, music by explosions in the sky, coach taylor, being from texas where high school football is a real big deal, and coach taylor. need i explain more?

puppy love

this is my puppy dog, helo, named after karl c. agathon from battlestar galactica (aka “helo” ….pronounced heeee-low). he is a total sweetheart and could possibly be a cylon sympathizer also. anyhoo, helo is a puggle (beagle + pug) who loves to cuddle, eat cookies and runs crooked. the minute i saw helo on craigslist in 2009, i knew he was ours. he is my little brindle buddy.

this is gaius (pronounced ‘gai-us’ …simple huh??) he is also a puggle. a deceptive little puggle! his namesake is gaius baltar from battlestar galactica as well. michael happened to see him in las vegas while working out there for a year. it was kind of a hassle to get gaius back to texas, but totally worth it! he is completely nuts and we have to use a choke collar on him (it’s humane, i promise) but he is sweet when he wants to be. if you see an annoying dog barking around greenlake, that is gaius. he is my little pooches.

some more photos…

this is dinner time. he is giving his beg-fo-food face.

richard ayoade!

richard ayoade was in seattle last friday to talk about his debut directorial film feature, submarine. i voted 5 stars on my ballot, as did michael. the film is the perfect blend of comedy and sadness, very real with a bit of weird. ayoade’s humor shines through the perfectly chosen cast. every component of this film works well together from the cinematography to the soundtrack (by alex turner of the arctic monkeys). i absolutely loved this film!

we grabbed some seats up front for the q&a session. ayoade is very humble and seemingly shy but it didn’t keep him from cracking jokes as people were leaving the theater while he talked about directing music videos and the characters of his film.

check out this ifc interview with ayoade!

up: chatting it up with the siff lady.   down: hangin’ with some hipsters.

clip from it crowd

i love seattle: scarecrow video

scarecrow video is unlike any other video store out there. i love how most of the first floor is organized by director. the prices are decent and there are thousands of rare titles. there are detailed classifications like documentaries, noir, music, westerns, science, etc. the comedy area has old tv classics like punky brewster, my childhood favorite. they have a screening room also. i love the fact that i can find classics and rarities that aren’t available on netflix and it is only a short five minute drive from the house.

week in film and tv 1.8.2011

it’s been one of those weeks where i haven’t been motivated to do much so of course my go-to for feeling blah is netflix and our awesome movie and show library. this week’s viewings:

be kind rewind

we were in the mood for a familiar movie and decided on this great film written and directed by michel gondry. he is one of the best directors today.

an education

i’ve been wanting to see this for a while and pulled it from the ole netflix instant queue. it has a surprise ending that i didn’t see coming. i liked it. and i love peter sarsgaard.

gentleman broncos

jared hess delivers the goods in gentlemen broncos just as he did in napoleon dynamite (let’s forget about nacho libre for a moment).

sons of anarchy, season 2

catching a glimpse of this show here and there when my hub was watching, i thought it was a soap opera for men who like motorcycles. but i finally watched the first season over the holidays and got kinda hooked. katey sagal is a bad ass.


party down, season 2

season one is way funnier with jane lynch in the cast but season two is still good. martin starr continues to be hilarious in this series about a bunch of aspiring actors and writers who work for a catering company.


fired up!

my husband and bro-in-law actually chose this for a sunday funday type movie. if you don’t mind hearing “risk it for the biscuit” five times in one movie, then you’ll like this one. it’s cheesy funny.

i love seattle: trivia at neptune coffee

friday night trivia at neptune coffee

it is not your typical pop culture trivia but rad themes like back to the future, 30 rock, star wars, buffy the vampire slayer, venture brothers and even sex and the city.

tonight’s trivia theme is…