thrift store chair

i have lots of projects lined up around the house and have been in the mood to get started on them! my plan is to buy several mismatching dining chairs without arms and paint them all the same color and use the same fabric. i like that the chairs will be uniform and different at the same time. we currently have a dining area shared with our roomies so hopefully these will all be done by the time we get our own space. i’m a procrastinator so we will see. this chair is completed and i have another ready to go. i’d like to get at least two more for a set of four dining chairs and have no idea yet on the future table.

i bought this chair last fall at value village for only $7.99!! the original cushion was pink and gross.

while perusing at ikea i spotted this adorable fabric in the gunilla pattern at $7.99/yard so bought a few yards. i love the bright colors contrasting with the dark background. after choosing the fabric, i knew white would be the perfect color for a clean cheery look.

i used behr paint and primer in white. i’m always looking for shortcuts, although still ended up painting three coats. oh well.

finished! i love it and the fact that i did it makes me love it more! until the rest of the chairs are completed, this one is my office chair.

i am super excited for the next project! it’s another thrift find that will eventually be a housewarming gift for my friend in texas. i am fighting the urge to keep it for myself but i know she’ll have more use for it. it’s a cool vintage find!!


can i do it?

at the end of the evening tonight, i had a thought to stretch my little twitter muscles and see if i can get to 3,000 total tweets before midnight cst on 4/14/11…a milestone so to speak. is it possible to post exactly 100 tweets in under 24 hours (22.5 hours now) with the obstacles of sleep, work, sitting in traffic, going to a concert and finding somewhat tweet worthy stuff in the meantime? there is no reward, just the pure satisfaction of completing a set goal. hopefully this will get the ball rolling for larger goals. follow @wackdelly


i am on the hunt for headboard ideas and of course, the cheaper the better! i’d like to create something myself and so far  have chosen gray and yellow for the main colors. still seeking inspiration for the materials so in the meantime,  i’ll just see if something jumps out at me. this bedroom project might take awhile….

this makes me rethink bright pink!


for the bookworm


classic photography look


simple and adorable



i just love gray and yellow


almost forgot about fabric


i will dumpster dive for something like this!