my october symphony

october is my favorite month and this year it has crept up incredibly fast. so before this month is completely gone, i’d like to throw some love to my favorite month (and season).

adorable glass pumpkins

zombies & ZomBcon

seasonal lattes… no whip

dressing up pets

cheesy horror flicks

comfort food: apple cider donuts. smitten kitchen rocks!

pumpkin beer

fall colors!


she want that dunny love

the end of summer brought some major heat (bleck) and the new dunny series (yay)! my dunny friend, paul, and i shared a case of 25. it was so fun going back and forth choosing. we were giddy like little kids on christmas morning. he got the dunny he wanted and i got some cool ones too.  i was informed paul went to nyc kidrobot and picked this kickass dunny and this cool dunny and this cute one that i want so needless to say, i am jealous. he has the knack for picking the rare blind boxes. but i do love my dunnys by sneaky raccoon and doktor a the most. check out your local kidrobot shop (if you are lucky enough to have one) or online.