I love Seattle: Bicycling to Redhook Brewery

Bicycling to Redhook Brewery in Woodinville from Seattle is one of those rites of passages to becoming a Seattleite. The trip is anywhere from 20-30 miles round trip, depending where you start and end on the Burke Gilman Trail. It is an enjoyable ride with people watching and pretty landscapes along the way. We have gone the last two summers and had a good day riding, eating, taking part in the $2 brewery tour, and riding back home. This is a must do in the summertime so grab a bicycle and go! Here are some photos from our last two trips.




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Robots in the Garden

The last week has been brought back down to a normal level after our March vacations (I was in Austin for SXSW and Michael went on a ski trip in Jackson Hole). The weather is starting to warm up here in Seattle. By warm up, I mean that one or two days of each week are getting above 60 degrees. Michael and I spent most of the first day of April working on our above ground gardens. He built the frame on the garden where we plan to grow spinach, tomatoes, peppers and basil to name a few. Our rental house had few old planters that had something growing in them at one time, so those will hopefully have pansies, zinnias and asters popping up this Spring. I’ll post updates on our progress. I just love that on any given residential street in Seattle there are anywhere from two to ten urban gardens near the curb. Luckily we have some space in the backyard but the challenging part will be keeping our dogs out of it.




i love seattle: trips to oregon

weekend trips to oregon

so while this doesn’t pertain to seattle exactly, it is about vicinity. leslie was in town from austin for the week and had never been to washington or oregon so we split up our time in each amazingly beautiful state. i am very much use to driving three hours for weekend trips from all those years in texas making the drive from dallas to austin for river floating, sxsw, or just a change of scenery. texas does have some beautiful scenery. but getting back up to the sweet pacific northwest…oregon…yes! we ventured out for a night of camping in the mt hood national forest and hiking around lake trillium. a short 40-minute drive back to portland and we grabbed dinner at le bistro montage with killer mac-n-cheese dishes and ended the night at good foot, where i purchased an original art piece from local artist, tony morgan. i am stoked about it and can’t wait to go pick it up at the end of the month (photos to come!). we checked out the japanese gardens and mt tabor, a really cool park that overlooks the city. of course, you can’t go to portland without getting some donuts at the wildly famous voodoo doughnut.

tip: don’t leave seattle heading for portland after 2pm on a friday…

…3 hours turns into 5 hours

mount hood!

at lake trillium. i love her goofy grin.

i would live here! so cozy.

japanese garden of portland.

voodoo! i shared with the roommates.

i had to pop in a photo of seattle. taken during our drive around the lovely queen anne district.

i love seattle: mt rainier

mount rainier national park

we ventured south of seattle to get a close-up look at mount rainier a few weeks ago when michael’s aunt came to town. we started with a scenic railroad tour departing from the small town of elbe with the most adorable historic tiny church an incredible cup of s’mores coffee at the local coffee hut. unfortunately we could not get a good view from mount rainier from the southwest due to the fog but the ride itself was really fun. we were determined to get a look and some photos of mt rainier so we set out driving east toward the mount rainier national park which is an incredibly beautiful drive! we made our way to the east side of mount rainier and got the best view of the entire day. i can’t wait to go camping in this gorgeous national park or stay at the paradise inn about halfway up the mountain.

All photos by Annie Campos

outside lands!

we headed down to cali for a long weekend to attend the outside lands music festival in san francisco. the drive was 13 hours from seattle but our excitement made the time pass quick, especially with stops along the way for tasty food at voodoo doughnut in portland and in-n-out burger in redding ca. the outside lands festival blew us away and is one of the best music festivals i have ever attended! when we weren’t at the festival, san fran local and friend, aubrey, took us to some amazing eateries and bars.

ok go performing an acoustic set.

the ‘annie shot’

best interpretive dance goes to the buff dude in the middle. the tune-yards were on stage at the time.


sia is sooo adorable. her chit-chat between songs was funny as she called out a dude for having hairy armpits and told a ginger she’d make out with him.

gorgeous day to sit in the grass and listen to music.

i had to take a gander at amoeba. this place is huge but the los angeles location is supposed to be massive.

the hour and a half wait outside was totally worth it at dottie’s! recommendations: cornbread w/ jalapeno jelly, veggie frittata w/ avocado, black bean cakes, everything!

had to see the golden gate bridge…or half of it at least.

this makes the third time this year to see grouplove live.

electronica artists were the best of the fest in my opinion. eskmo creates all sounds like ripping paper, opening cans, and beating on a pan and loops them. other discoveries were paper diamond, the limousines, and deadmau5.

hitchcock with a stereo!

the main reason for the trip! our first time to see BEIRUT!! his band is incredible and to this day i am still kicking myself for missing his set at sxsw 2007.

deadmau5…wow! he’s playing in seattle this thursday and i really want to go. i was in total awe the entire time. you can kinda see his lit up face and ears. so rad.

the candy forest was fun to walk through. outside lands takes the cake for best decor and just looked cool all around from the food vendor signage to the multi-colored lights in the trees that surrounds the golden gate park.

this is one of the best dishes i have ever eaten and it came from a food truck! the confit pork hash with summer succotash at 3-sum eats makes me want to move to san francisco. the plum cantaloupe lemonade is a must also!!

the diner near our hotel also celebrated lucy’s 100th birthday with a wall of memorabilia inside along with an outfit worn by lucy on display.


chbp is here!

i am super psyched for this year’s capitol hill block party, which will be my first! there are some amazing acts playing that i’ve seen tons of times before as well as some fresh acts that have been on my bands-to-see list for a while. these are my picks for this weekend so far, but i plan to spend the day sampling all of the bands listed here. i am most excited for the head and the heart, which i have not seen yet despite them being from seattle. even though i got my fill of baths a few times at sxsw, i will be front row…again. and then there is explosions in the sky, an amazing and very special band.

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i was on a mountain

our foursome set out for a long holiday weekend of camping in the olympic mountains for my bro-in-law’s birthday. it was a blast. it’s so nice to get away from technology (though i used my phone for these photos). silly me took my new nikon, but left the memory card at home. oops. and sadly the digital waterproof camera crapped out as well so no photos of rafting on the elwah river, which was the best part of the weekend. it’s lovely this time of year in the northwest, except if you are allergic to grass be sure to pack the allergy pills.

the elwah river.

at a little bar called the junction. we stopped in for a snack but had shots instead. i want to retire in port angeles and buy this yellow-haired lady’s bar.

i love the bathroom! most people think it’s ugly, but i really like wood paneling.

the boys playing catch on a private beach.

canadia. hehe.

a hardcore to-yo-ta.

on the way to the hot springs.

so pretty. i want to go back!

summer skin

i am so ready for a long weekend of hiking, rafting, campfires and sleeping under the stars. yay for long holiday weekends!

i love the gorgeous colors in this photo

won’t you buy me a winnebago? ..or at least this print

who needs a flashlight? i want these glow jars

adorable print on etsy

favorite band of 2010, seabear

annie’s week in photos 6.26.11

guinness flavored ice cream!!!! !! !! !!!!! – austin texas

river shenanigans w/ lots of vodka whipped cream – new braunfels texas

seattle sounders vs ny red bulls (we won 4-2)

starbuckies central

” a damn fine cup of coffee”

view from little si – north bend washington

mmmmmmmm… my monday morning glory


i love seattle: skagit county tulip fest

skagit county tulip festival

this last weekend we went for a drive north up to mount vernon to see a sh*tload of tulips! and it was a perfect saturday for it with temps in the lovely mid-60’s. i am not a fan of flowers, mostly because of the smell. but omg, there are acres upon acres of tulips in a variety of colors. it made me speechless and i took almost 100 photos! playing with some plastic colored filters from photojojo, i got some cool shots. this “festival” lasts the whole month of april and for more info visit: http://www.tulipfestival.org/

in through the out door

the past few months have been about getting settled into our rental house with our roommates and most importantly finding room for stuff. in a house with no closets…yes, i said no closets(!!!)… i am about to go out of my mind and have thrown a few temper tantrums along the way being frustrated with the fact that my small mountain of clothes in the corner of the bedroom has no home. once i get the organization under control, the beautification will begin. i love these elements and would like to have a clean, airy, outdoorsy bedroom.


i love this bed.



i want that stump side table!



i’ve always been a big fan of this wallpaper.



the owls are super cool, but i’m not sure i could cover a whole wall with them.



this blue wall is so dreamy!



i like the flow here.




this room is absolute dreadful! oh right, this is our bedroom. ugh.