outside lands!

we headed down to cali for a long weekend to attend the outside lands music festival in san francisco. the drive was 13 hours from seattle but our excitement made the time pass quick, especially with stops along the way for tasty food at voodoo doughnut in portland and in-n-out burger in redding ca. the outside lands festival blew us away and is one of the best music festivals i have ever attended! when we weren’t at the festival, san fran local and friend, aubrey, took us to some amazing eateries and bars.

ok go performing an acoustic set.

the ‘annie shot’

best interpretive dance goes to the buff dude in the middle. the tune-yards were on stage at the time.


sia is sooo adorable. her chit-chat between songs was funny as she called out a dude for having hairy armpits and told a ginger she’d make out with him.

gorgeous day to sit in the grass and listen to music.

i had to take a gander at amoeba. this place is huge but the los angeles location is supposed to be massive.

the hour and a half wait outside was totally worth it at dottie’s! recommendations: cornbread w/ jalapeno jelly, veggie frittata w/ avocado, black bean cakes, everything!

had to see the golden gate bridge…or half of it at least.

this makes the third time this year to see grouplove live.

electronica artists were the best of the fest in my opinion. eskmo creates all sounds like ripping paper, opening cans, and beating on a pan and loops them. other discoveries were paper diamond, the limousines, and deadmau5.

hitchcock with a stereo!

the main reason for the trip! our first time to see BEIRUT!! his band is incredible and to this day i am still kicking myself for missing his set at sxsw 2007.

deadmau5…wow! he’s playing in seattle this thursday and i really want to go. i was in total awe the entire time. you can kinda see his lit up face and ears. so rad.

the candy forest was fun to walk through. outside lands takes the cake for best decor and just looked cool all around from the food vendor signage to the multi-colored lights in the trees that surrounds the golden gate park.

this is one of the best dishes i have ever eaten and it came from a food truck! the confit pork hash with summer succotash at 3-sum eats makes me want to move to san francisco. the plum cantaloupe lemonade is a must also!!

the diner near our hotel also celebrated lucy’s 100th birthday with a wall of memorabilia inside along with an outfit worn by lucy on display.



friends of p.

it’s been a busy weekend with family in town and a super cool visit to mt rainier (photos coming this week!) and lots of work. we are getting ready for a road trip to san fran for the outside lands music fest this weekend. yay! i hope to have lots of photos and music discoveries for next week! i am most excited to see beirut finally!!!

anyhoo, i’ve had the rentals playing in my head for the past few days…

annie’s week in photos 7.24.11

la jolla, california

stone brewery – escondido, california

green flash brewing co – vista, california

the lost abbey – san marcos, california

ballast point brewing co – san diego, california

seattle sounders vs manchester united – a “friendly match”

gaius stole my carrot!

the head and the heart at capitol hill block party – seattle

campfire ok at capitol hill block party – seattle

explosions in the sky closing out the capitol hill block party – seattle

sxsw 2011 – part uno

it was a crazy fun sxsw this year! while i could fill up a whole page on everything i did while in austin, it would take a while and probably not be that interesting to anyone but me. sadly the number of beers drank was more than then number of bands seen. but that’s ok. i had a rad time with friends as well as running around on my own and meeting new people.

it is not the greatest video quality and i was dancing a bit while filming. enjoy!

yuck: the wall. sharp set but not much stage presence.

baths: aminals. amazing live! i have a crush on will wiesenfeld… so adorable.

grouplove: gold coast. incredible energy on stage. best performance imo.

grouplove: colours. this person was standing next to me at the same show filming. you can prob hear me screaming. again, best sxsw performance overall!

2011 sxsw tips for music-goers

1. check out the amazing artists that create those awesome screen-printed concert posters at flatstock. flatstock 29 will run wed 3/16/11 through sat 3/19/11. my favorites are tara mcpherson and jason munn (small stakes).


2. download the sxsw go app or make a schedule using a good ole excel spreadsheet. a pre-printed out schedule was always pretty reliable for me. just make sure it is updated within a few days of the festival. this year, i’m using both.

3. wear comfy shoes! i’ve walked (and at times ran) everywhere between I-35 and waterloo records which is a span of 15 blocks. i will likely wear my trademark red shoes so say hi if you see me!

4. have your camera ready at all times. you never know what you will see. last year i saw a completely naked old man riding a bicycle. and you might see austin legend leslie or perhaps a celebrity sighting like bill murray who was in attendance last year.

5. go to shows at the lamar pedestrian bridge. it is not a designated or even legal venue, but some really good pop-up shows will likely occur here late at night.

6. don’t buy a badge or pass. the day parties are where it’s at! don’t get me wrong, i do attend the evening showcases but it is more worth it for me to pay at the door because chances are high that i will stay at that particular venue for the rest of the evening. oh and even if you do have a badge/pass you still won’t get into full venues.

7. don’t see the big headliners. chances are you can see them tour in your city within the next few months. while it would have been cool to see she & him last year, the lines were horrendous.


8. rsvp to day parties. i’m not sure the point of this, but do it anyways.

9. keep cash on hand. buy some band merch! plus there are lots of street food vendors and not all of them take credit. there has also been an influx of food trailers in austin in the last few years. keep track of them here.

10. be polite to everyone! you are in one of the most friendliest cities in texas!

Best Live Shows of 2010

taking a departure from the usual music monday…

the end of the year is almost upon us and i have been thinking about this incredible year of music. there have been amazing albums releases by beach house, arcade fire and janelle monáe just off the top of my head. but even more memorable are the live shows i attended in 2010. and yes, i am kicking myself for missing freelance whales on several occasions and i know they would definitely be on this list. it is a toughie to choose the best of the best live performances, but here goes it…

9. dan black @ sxsw shiner party (austin)

prior to this sxsw day party, i was only aware of dan black’s hit, symphonies. he is a bit pop-dance for my taste but after seeing his energetic performance live, i am a dan black fan. he kept me so entertained, i had forgotten the temperature dropped to 40 degrees that day! more dan black…

8. the middle east @ sxsw – galaxy room (austin)

these australians were one of the most talked about bands at sxsw and after seeing them at the paste party, i understood why. their set was cut short to only three songs, but they were lovely. more middle east…

7. seabear @ showbox at the market (seattle)

i have been lucky to see this icelandic band three times this year and each time was better than the last. they are easily my favorite band of 2010. ♥ sindri ♥  more seabear…

6. octopus project @ whole foods (austin)

waiting in line a few hours prior to the first hexadecagon show (a sixteen-sided audiovisual panorama of awesomeness) was completely worth it! miss yvonne was adorable as ever with her flipped up hair and mad theremin skills. see the VIDEO!

5. le loup @ sxsw day partay – epoch coffee shop  (austin)

wow! go see this band! more le loup…

4. balmorhea @ granada theater (dallas)

it seems that balmorhea is always on tour and i am more than ok with that! they create the perfect blend of classical, post-rock and experimental for a truly beautiful sound. each performance is more lovely than the last. i get goose bumps in the presence of this gorgeous music. balmorhea makes me happy…

3. flaming lips @ denton fairgrounds (denton tx)

who doesn’t love the flaming lips??? i’d pay a pretty penny to see a live performance by wayne coyne and steven drozd. compliments of the nx35 festival, this show was made completely free and was one of the biggest shows ever in this kinda small college town. i miss denton!

2. yann tiersen @ granada theater (dallas)

absolutely incredible! this show was promoted as being very amelie-esque (as tiersen composed the soundtrack). everyone was in for a surprise and a real treat when he played experimental non-amelie music. i was completely mesmerized. i had a cold that day and called in sick for work so i would feel good enough to see him because it is rare for him to tour the US. but i hear he might be coming stateside again early in 2011. here’s hoping! more yann and new album is out…

1. sufjan stevens @ paramount theater (seattle)

this show was both visually and musically amazing. sadly, my photos were limited with my two cameras in the shop and just an iphone in hand. the show length was about two hours, but i argue it was not nearly enough. the sound was perfecto as i had never heard a live show to be that clear. kudos to the sound guys and sufjan’s band. i was in awe the entire show. about halfway through the video you can see sufjan bust a move with his signature wings flopping around (not the best video, i know, but i had to). this show was by far one of the most unique live shows i have seen yet. this one will be difficult to top! love it, love it, love it! yes, more sufjan…