Music Monday: Oregon Bike Trails

oregon bike trails

local artist to: santa monica california

riyl: surf-pop, lo-fi, singer/songwriter

zach yudin has not released a full album yet, but read about him and his plans to release cassette singles here. listening to him makes me think of bicycles, the west coast, warm skin and ice cream. ahhhhhh summer!

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Music Monday: High Highs

high highs

local artist to: new york

riyl: ambient, dream pop, beach house, tennis

there is not much info floating around the interwebs about the high highs. i can say the band is my new dreamy obsession. i can easily get lost listening to them. so lovely! check out the only official video:

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Music Monday: Yuck


local artist to: new jersey, hiroshima, london

riyl: cajun dance party, alternative brit rock, the temper trap

etc: since i stumbled upon this band, i can’t stop listening and am psyched to see them in dallas in february and at sxsw in march.

forming little over a year ago, yuck are a band of four people who are sometimes a band of five people. daniel (vocals, guitar) and max (guitar) are from london. mariko (bass) is from hiroshima. jonny (drums) is from new jersey. the part-time fifth member is daniel’s sister ilana who joins him for the harmonies on the album and occasionally live. since the release of georgia, their debut single on transparent in march 2010, yuck have mainly been on tour. they have supported teenage fanclub, modest mouse and times new viking. their most recent single “rubber” was released by pharmacy recording company in october 2010 and remixed by mogwai. when they’re not on tour, yuck make a lot of stuff, like drawings and books and t-shirts. you can see some of these on their blog.  they self-produced and recorded their debut album at home, which will be be released in february on fat possum records/pharmacy recording company. fat possum website

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Music Monday: Trash Kit

exposing unsigned or lesser known bands to the masses…or to the three people that actually read this. today’s band:

trash kit

local artist  to: london uk

riyl: afro-beat, power pop

trash kit (formed in 2008) are rachel a, rachel h and ros m, from london, uk. the two rachels also play in the madrigals, and ros plays in ray rumours. mixing chaos and trippy melody in equal measure, trash kit are as jubliant as they are focused. vocals tangle with each other and highly expressive drum patterns, while guitar lines make for a serious adventure into the realms of party. so far they have a cd-r, which keeps selling out at shows, an lp out now on upset the rhythm and a forthcoming split 7” with woolf on milk records.