I love Seattle: Reykjavik Calling

Reykjavik Calling is having the third go around tonight and of course I will be in attendance. The first two years were fun and incredibly unique at the Crocodile. The new venue is Nuemos, also one of my faves in Seattle. My fellow music-festival-junkie-husband and I have been wanting to go to Iceland Airwaves for the last few years but family holiday commitments seem to take precedence with this late-in-the-year fest but 2013 will be the year! Over the years we have learned about and loved many overseas acts from Iceland and are happy they are sharing the love to its music-loving sister city of Seattle.

Iceland bands to check out: Péter Ben :: Sin Fang :: Borko :: Björk :: Múm :: Sóley :: Seabear :: Retro Stefson :: Lay Low :: Gus Gus :: FM Belfast

Gus Gus :: Ladyshave (my first intro to Icelandic music in the 90’s)

Gus Gus :: Over (geez he’s like a fine wine, gets better with age…I want to seem him live dammit!!)

FM Belfast :: Underwear (I’ll give you $1 if this song does not repeat in your head all day after hearing it… btw, good luck proving it.. and yes, the video is supposed to look like that.. )

I would gladly move to Iceland, Italy, or Sweden. I love the songs about mundane crap in other countries, but that’s just me.


I love Seattle: Bicycling to Redhook Brewery

Bicycling to Redhook Brewery in Woodinville from Seattle is one of those rites of passages to becoming a Seattleite. The trip is anywhere from 20-30 miles round trip, depending where you start and end on the Burke Gilman Trail. It is an enjoyable ride with people watching and pretty landscapes along the way. We have gone the last two summers and had a good day riding, eating, taking part in the $2 brewery tour, and riding back home. This is a must do in the summertime so grab a bicycle and go! Here are some photos from our last two trips.




Check out a few other reasons why  I love Seattle:

Trips to Leavenworth

Mount Rainier

Scarecrow Video

i love seattle: trips to leavenworth

oktoberfest in leavenworth, wa

while i am a bit tardy with the oktoberfest post, it has definitely not been forgotten! we crammed six people in a cadillac and drove 2.5 hours east to leavenworth washington. we parked in some random person’s backyard (w/ a trampoline that we partook in later that evening) and hung out in an adorable town drinking beer, eating brats with sauerkraut, chatting with friends, photo-bombing, taking in the scenery, and listening to tunes like johnny cash and neil diamond played by a bavarian band. we stopped at a 1950’s diner halfway back home to seattle to break up the trip and play some cards. i have no clue of the diner name but the gravy was delicious and they sell a crap-ton of shakes (also delish). all in all, it was a fun day…and i need to sport those beer socks for next year!

i love seattle: elysian’s great pumpkin beer fest

elysian’s great pumpkin beer festival

it doesn’t feel like fall until the pumpkin beers start hitting the shelves! so when we heard about this event at the elysian brewery i knew it was an absolute must since pumpkin beer is my favorite! the wait in line to get in was incredibly long and next year i am purchasing pre-sale tickets for sure. the wait was worth it as we tasted a lot of fall-time brews and got to take home festive tasters. we tried a little bit from each of seattle’s best food trucks present: skillet, where ya at matt, snout & co, and bought a dozen of mini pumpkin spice donuts from mighty-o. yum!! the pièce de résistance was of course the tapping of the giant pumpkin. the extremely friendly men in orange jumpsuits tapped some delicious beer (unknown elysian brew?) and filled up glasses until the giant pumpkin was empty. they had too much fun destroying it and it was funny to watch. my favorites were big time hop goblin, schooner exact gutter punk’n and southern tier pumking (my favorite beer currently).

i love seattle: trips to oregon

weekend trips to oregon

so while this doesn’t pertain to seattle exactly, it is about vicinity. leslie was in town from austin for the week and had never been to washington or oregon so we split up our time in each amazingly beautiful state. i am very much use to driving three hours for weekend trips from all those years in texas making the drive from dallas to austin for river floating, sxsw, or just a change of scenery. texas does have some beautiful scenery. but getting back up to the sweet pacific northwest…oregon…yes! we ventured out for a night of camping in the mt hood national forest and hiking around lake trillium. a short 40-minute drive back to portland and we grabbed dinner at le bistro montage with killer mac-n-cheese dishes and ended the night at good foot, where i purchased an original art piece from local artist, tony morgan. i am stoked about it and can’t wait to go pick it up at the end of the month (photos to come!). we checked out the japanese gardens and mt tabor, a really cool park that overlooks the city. of course, you can’t go to portland without getting some donuts at the wildly famous voodoo doughnut.

tip: don’t leave seattle heading for portland after 2pm on a friday…

…3 hours turns into 5 hours

mount hood!

at lake trillium. i love her goofy grin.

i would live here! so cozy.

japanese garden of portland.

voodoo! i shared with the roommates.

i had to pop in a photo of seattle. taken during our drive around the lovely queen anne district.

i love seattle: mt rainier

mount rainier national park

we ventured south of seattle to get a close-up look at mount rainier a few weeks ago when michael’s aunt came to town. we started with a scenic railroad tour departing from the small town of elbe with the most adorable historic tiny church an incredible cup of s’mores coffee at the local coffee hut. unfortunately we could not get a good view from mount rainier from the southwest due to the fog but the ride itself was really fun. we were determined to get a look and some photos of mt rainier so we set out driving east toward the mount rainier national park which is an incredibly beautiful drive! we made our way to the east side of mount rainier and got the best view of the entire day. i can’t wait to go camping in this gorgeous national park or stay at the paradise inn about halfway up the mountain.

All photos by Annie Campos

i love seattle: ginger ice cream at molly moon’s

ginger flavored ice cream at molly moon’s homemade ice cream shop

yes, i said ginger ice cream! i am a ginger fiend with ginger mints in my purse and i like to scarf up all the pink pickled ginger that accompanies sushi. i found out just tonight that molly moon’s has this flavor via twitter @mollymoon. it even smells like pickled ginger! in addition to this unique flavor, there are others like salted caramel, olive oil, and honey lavendar. love.

i love seattle: skagit county tulip fest

skagit county tulip festival

this last weekend we went for a drive north up to mount vernon to see a sh*tload of tulips! and it was a perfect saturday for it with temps in the lovely mid-60’s. i am not a fan of flowers, mostly because of the smell. but omg, there are acres upon acres of tulips in a variety of colors. it made me speechless and i took almost 100 photos! playing with some plastic colored filters from photojojo, i got some cool shots. this “festival” lasts the whole month of april and for more info visit: http://www.tulipfestival.org/

i love seattle: seattle rock orchestra

seattle rock orchestra performs radiohead

there is lots of excitement surrounding radiohead at the moment. the band’s newest release the king of limbs is currently available for download. and i absolutely love how they are releasing albums digitally and then following up a few months later with a beautifully put together vinyl and cd package. it will be like christmas in may! i still plan to frame some of the artwork that was included with the in rainbows set a few years ago. yes, i am slow to get to my projects but this might be moved up on my endless project to-do list.

anyhoo, the seattle rock orchestra performed music from radiohead’s ok computer and the bends this last weekend. i did miss this event (boo!) but the idea of something like this is so damn cool. luckily seattle show gal posted a review of the evening so i am not left feeling completely in the dark. oh and the special guests included seattle artists rachel flotard (visqueen) and john van deusen (the lonely forest) which made the evening more grand.

thanks to miss megan for posting this video, i’ve watched it about five times already. enjoy!

i love seattle: unique districts

the districts of seattle

i love the variety of districts that make up the great city of seattle. i have had so much fun exploring some of these neighborhoods in the last six months. so far my faves are fremont, ballard, wallingford, capitol hill and most recently west seattle. each area has its own unique identity and i just love that! this seattle districts screen print is pretty damn cool too and they are for sale at ork posters along with a slew of other cities.

this song from the postal service has always reminds me of this rad city:

i love seattle: scarecrow video

scarecrow video is unlike any other video store out there. i love how most of the first floor is organized by director. the prices are decent and there are thousands of rare titles. there are detailed classifications like documentaries, noir, music, westerns, science, etc. the comedy area has old tv classics like punky brewster, my childhood favorite. they have a screening room also. i love the fact that i can find classics and rarities that aren’t available on netflix and it is only a short five minute drive from the house.

i love seattle: kexp

kexp 90.3 fm

where the music matters! i know, i know… i can stream kexp on the interwebs but it’s a whole other ballgame being able to listen to it in my car. i love it. i support it. did i mention that i love it? some of my favorite dj’s are cheryl waters, quilty 3000, and kevin cole. i recommend a listen and you will be happy you did! the station is listener supported, so show some love and donate. oh, there is also a free iphone app!

also, kexp has thousands of performances on youtube. the quality is ahhhhmazing!

i love seattle: willy wonka smell-o-vision

willy wonka in smell-o-vision by SIFF!

i love gene wilder! blazing saddles is the reason for that (mostly b/c of my father’s influence…i can recite most of the film by heart). but anyhoo, siff cinema has awesomely come out with this annual weekend full of willy wonka sing-a-long, sniff-a-long and taste-a-long views of this stellar classic. while most everyone, even those under the age of ten, have seen this classic numerous times… it was still as exciting as seeing it for the first time…and i have no idea when my first time actually was but long live gene wilder!!

i love seattle: trivia at neptune coffee

friday night trivia at neptune coffee

it is not your typical pop culture trivia but rad themes like back to the future, 30 rock, star wars, buffy the vampire slayer, venture brothers and even sex and the city.

tonight’s trivia theme is…