my october symphony

october is my favorite month and this year it has crept up incredibly fast. so before this month is completely gone, i’d like to throw some love to my favorite month (and season).

adorable glass pumpkins

zombies & ZomBcon

seasonal lattes… no whip

dressing up pets

cheesy horror flicks

comfort food: apple cider donuts. smitten kitchen rocks!

pumpkin beer

fall colors!


let’s eat to the beat

i am moving out of texas in a few days and am going to miss some beloved local eateries and bars very much. i can probably find different versions of these places in my new city, but it just won’t be the same. so i will be getting my fill in the next few days. you can probably find me at any one of my favorites listed below stuffing my face and drinking in excess and thoroughly enjoying it!

1. fuel city – barbacoa & pastor tacos

2. chick-fil-a – chicken sandwich & waffle fries

3. rita’s italian water ice – s’mores water ice

4. the londoner – scotch egg w/ fries & tikka sauce & black velvet

5. the flying saucer – endless selection of beer (i am halfway to a saucer)

6. fat straws – moji-tea

7. blue ocean – mount fuji roll

8. the egg and i – veggie benedict & pumpkin waffle

boozy figgy pop

if you received (and actually read) the daily candy email last week, then you probably saw some delicious picnic recipes by this lady. i was immediately smitten over mom’s cucumber salad and the boozy figs and peaches caught my eye since the fig tree has been going nuts this last week with figs galore. i am really weirded out when people refer to food as sexy (she says is at least four times), but to each their own. if you do not want to watch the video, just toss the ingredients below in a bowl and let sit for at least 30 minutes (serves 4). pour over ice cream for that extra yum. you can thank me later!

8-10 figs (quartered)

4 peaches (cut to preferred size)

honey drizzled (local is best, no clover)

rum drizzled (dark is best)

figgy pop

i never liked figs. are figs even a fruit? apparently they are. my mom made me taste one years ago and i thought it was gross and mushy. a fresh fig is one of the most odd textured foods, more so than a raw oyster (which i love). a few nights ago, i was eating a lot of them with a friend.  maybe i am growing up or just have a different set of taste buds but i do like them now.

my parents brought this little twig back from italy years ago. they planted it and gave it a lot of attention for 3-4 years before it every pushed out any figs. it now stands tall in the backyard at over 15 feet. we pick the figs we can reach. the birds peck at the figs at the top and the dogs eat the figs that fall to the ground. this week seems to be the peak. i’ve given out so many to friends and coworkers and taking them to the local farmers market for a trade. i love picking fresh fruit from trees. something about it is thoroughly enjoyable!