Portlandia Poster Process by DKNG Studios

I just love a good poster and this design for IFC’s Portlandia by DKNG Studios is brilliant! Watch the video to view the design process from start to finish. You can download the wallpaper from the good peeps at IFC.com.



i am on the hunt for headboard ideas and of course, the cheaper the better! i’d like to create something myself and so far  have chosen gray and yellow for the main colors. still seeking inspiration for the materials so in the meantime,  i’ll just see if something jumps out at me. this bedroom project might take awhile….

this makes me rethink bright pink!


for the bookworm


classic photography look


simple and adorable



i just love gray and yellow


almost forgot about fabric


i will dumpster dive for something like this!

in through the out door

the past few months have been about getting settled into our rental house with our roommates and most importantly finding room for stuff. in a house with no closets…yes, i said no closets(!!!)… i am about to go out of my mind and have thrown a few temper tantrums along the way being frustrated with the fact that my small mountain of clothes in the corner of the bedroom has no home. once i get the organization under control, the beautification will begin. i love these elements and would like to have a clean, airy, outdoorsy bedroom.


i love this bed.



i want that stump side table!



i’ve always been a big fan of this wallpaper.



the owls are super cool, but i’m not sure i could cover a whole wall with them.



this blue wall is so dreamy!



i like the flow here.




this room is absolute dreadful! oh right, this is our bedroom. ugh.

i’m designer

when i moved to seattle, i kinda felt like i went back in time…back to my college years. i am currently living with two dudes (i am married to one of them) who don’t really care about the kitchen trash overflowing or the beard hairs making interesting designs in the bathroom sink. as the sole girl in the house (even the three dogs are male), i have set out to girl-up this place a bit. hey, i don’t think they will care too much as long as there is not a whole lot of pink and that i use a fair amount of a manly colors like black or poop-color brown. i can work with this, but it is an old rental house after all so no major changes like permanent fixtures. so i look to rooms such as these for inspiration…

i…need..that…rug!  decor8

love the white and pink combo apartment therapy


lellow mellow yellow!  designsponge

flea market chic in today’s designsponge


bench dining tables rock!  apartment therapy