Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!!! I think I just might love you as much as Lucille Ball!! I do thank my MawMaw and Grandpa Ed for exposing me to country music at a very young age during all those trips to Iowa in the 80’s. It’s funny to think that a few summers with them created my liking to country music (as much as hate to admit it) more than the 20+ years that I lived in Texas. Although, the tractors and freshly pulled beets will never be a norm to me. I do think of my grandparents when listening to Dolly and country music in general and that’s a real nice feeling. ♥

One of my personal favorites :: Coat of Many Colors

Another fave :: Jolene

It’s not Dolly, but a good song. I hate to love this song :: George Strait –  All my ex’s live in Texas

Oh yes, all my ex’s do reside in Texas!