put a bird on halloween

today is last day left of my favorite month. i am thinking that halloween was strategically placed as the last day of october to say goodbye to such a kickass month with gusto. we had a halloween party over the weekend with some friends, old and new. my bro-in-law, john, did a fantastic job with decorations. we all had a blast and will hopefully throw another party next year to top this one! i dressed up at lisa eversman from portlandia:


happy birthday!

wackdelly is one year old today!

today is the first birthday of my little blog! exciting isn’t it?! it is for me since i am that person that doesn’t finish what i start so it’s damn cool to still be typing away one year after the first post.

the central theme of the site has stayed true with my love of exploring new bands and traveling to shows and festivals around the globe. hopefully the next year will have lots of new music discoveries and other rad stuff!

so thanks to “the three people that actually read this.”

a very annie christmas

happy holidaze ya’ll! may your days be big and bright and your nights be dark and mysterious! merry christmas, happy hanukkah and all that jazz…

happy captain crunch!

merry frakkin’ christmas!

orange lantern cookies made by geekboy, @fatskamike

the elves: josh and helo

bungee cord glass markers by @musicjunkeeee

aunt pina’s sour cream cookies, an italian tradition

gloria’s sausage balls, a mexi-tradition



mrs jena j.

may the force be with your holiday glow and watch a plenty.

my version of seafood salad minus the conch (i threw in two, and only two pieces of tentacle in honor of rissa).

charles say relax!

cozy sweater, never fear!

this guy likes last minute wrapping.

a very merry, merry christmas to you!

sparkle & fade

a good, long day of hanging out with the family, eating delicious brisket that cooked for 24 hours, shopping, napping with the doggies, fireworks and sparklers, and a few shiner beers to celebrate the 234th birthday of America.