Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!!! I think I just might love you as much as Lucille Ball!! I do thank my MawMaw and Grandpa Ed for exposing me to country music at a very young age during all those trips to Iowa in the 80’s. It’s funny to think that a few summers with them created my liking to country music (as much as hate to admit it) more than the 20+ years that I lived in Texas. Although, the tractors and freshly pulled beets will never be a norm to me. I do think of my grandparents when listening to Dolly and country music in general and that’s a real nice feeling. ♥

One of my personal favorites :: Coat of Many Colors

Another fave :: Jolene

It’s not Dolly, but a good song. I hate to love this song :: George Strait –  All my ex’s live in Texas

Oh yes, all my ex’s do reside in Texas!


happy 100th birthday lucy!

happy 100th birthday to my favorite red head lucille ball! i was truly one of her biggest fans growing up. i recorded all 179 episodes of ‘i love lucy’ on vhs tapes and in order by air date (which took years). i was a bit obsessed, just ask any of my family members. my collection of lucille ball memorabilia is insane including some items that even belonged to her. i was nine years old when she died and i remember standing in front of the tv crying when i heard the news of her passing. it was always my dream to meet her and it seemed quite possible since one of her homes was about two miles from ours at the time in palm desert, california. i could go on and on with my love of lucy but that would take up a few pages. but i will say that most recently, the recessional music at my wedding was in fact the i love lucy theme song.

in honor of her would be 100th birthday, i am listing some of my most favorite i love lucy episodes.

#5 lucy gets a paris gown

#4 lucy does the tango **longest recorded laugh in tv history!**

#3 pioneer women

#2 ricky thinks he’s getting bald

#1 ricky loses his temper


i just love google for recognizing lucy!

happy birthday!

wackdelly is one year old today!

today is the first birthday of my little blog! exciting isn’t it?! it is for me since i am that person that doesn’t finish what i start so it’s damn cool to still be typing away one year after the first post.

the central theme of the site has stayed true with my love of exploring new bands and traveling to shows and festivals around the globe. hopefully the next year will have lots of new music discoveries and other rad stuff!

so thanks to “the three people that actually read this.”