let’s eat to the beat

i am moving out of texas in a few days and am going to miss some beloved local eateries and bars very much. i can probably find different versions of these places in my new city, but it just won’t be the same. so i will be getting my fill in the next few days. you can probably find me at any one of my favorites listed below stuffing my face and drinking in excess and thoroughly enjoying it!

1. fuel city – barbacoa & pastor tacos

2. chick-fil-a – chicken sandwich & waffle fries

3. rita’s italian water ice – s’mores water ice

4. the londoner – scotch egg w/ fries & tikka sauce & black velvet

5. the flying saucer – endless selection of beer (i am halfway to a saucer)

6. fat straws – moji-tea

7. blue ocean – mount fuji roll

8. the egg and i – veggie benedict & pumpkin waffle

99 bottles of beer

actually our output is 66 bottles of beer. three of us went to gallaghers in early july to brew a batch of beer. the beer we chose is very close to diamond knot india pale ale. it was surprisingly easy to do but there are various different hops and knowing what goes good together is the true art of brewing. the beer is ready to bottle this week! next, it’s time to make some experimental batches at home. i’ve always wanted a tasty tomato beer!

sparkle & fade

a good, long day of hanging out with the family, eating delicious brisket that cooked for 24 hours, shopping, napping with the doggies, fireworks and sparklers, and a few shiner beers to celebrate the 234th birthday of America.