My Favorite Blogs

Blogs feel like a guilty pleasure to me, although in today’s world they are more like a staple. I do not read them everyday, but when I start reading my favorite blogs, I can not stop. Here are a few of my go-to blogs that I love to check out each week. Oddly, none are music related. What are your favorites?

Aubsent From Texas ::


:: Aubrey is a friend from Texas who is now living in San Francisco. She is the most fashionable teacher I have ever known! I love her style and the fact that she can put together amazing outfits on a budget. I visit her site often for outfit inspiration and to find reasons to quit wearing jeans.

File Me Away ::


:: Megan and I have lots in common from our rockin’ music taste, compulsive dunny collecting, capturing lots of photos of bands, and we went to the same High School. I adore every single blog photo and her vintage taste is absolutely divine. If you don’t believe me, then check out Megan’s Etsy page. This girl knows her stuff and the best places to find it!

Orange Juice Etc ::



:: Husband and wife blog run by Elias and Theresa contains some of the most incredible photos on the interwebs while using the largest array of cameras to get those photos. A single photo on their blog tells a whole story and then some. I’m not sure how they do, but I hope they never stop. This couple seems quiet and reflective so it’s nice that they let us peak into their peaceful, little world.

Flights of Whimsy ::


:: Brandi is a design genious fixing up her first home (with help of hubby, Scott) and posting her amazing progress along the way. I attended her wedding and know her taste is amazing! Her style is a mix of vintage and classic with a heaping dose of DIY. All around lovely! Brandi’s enthusiasm makes my want to buy a house.

A Beautiful Mess ::


:: Elsie Larson is the current internet darling. If you do not visit her lovely blog at least once a week, then you are truly missing out. Her shoes are absolutely adorable and the DIY craft projects are totally doable. A blog staple!

Sometimes Sweet ::


:: My favorites parts of Danielle’s friendly blog are the Tattoo Tuesday series for some tattoo inspiration and the photos of her daily life. She’s a hot little momma with an adorable little boy and makes life look so vibrant! Danielle is also a contributing writer for Hello Giggles.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Blogs

  1. Hey, thanks, Annie! I’ve been such a bad blogger lately… I will do better. I love your blog, too – you always have the best music recommendations and I love seeing all your concert pictures and Seattle adventure photos!

  2. I just came to visit again after seeing your comment about our Oregon coast post. I was scrolling and came across this. THANK YOU!! We are in good company here, and thank you for your kind words.

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