Robots in the Garden

The last week has been brought back down to a normal level after our March vacations (I was in Austin for SXSW and Michael went on a ski trip in Jackson Hole). The weather is starting to warm up here in Seattle. By warm up, I mean that one or two days of each week are getting above 60 degrees. Michael and I spent most of the first day of April working on our above ground gardens. He built the frame on the garden where we plan to grow spinach, tomatoes, peppers and basil to name a few. Our rental house had few old planters that had something growing in them at one time, so those will hopefully have pansies, zinnias and asters popping up this Spring. I’ll post updates on our progress. I just love that on any given residential street in Seattle there are anywhere from two to ten urban gardens near the curb. Luckily we have some space in the backyard but the challenging part will be keeping our dogs out of it.





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