Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!!! I think I just might love you as much as Lucille Ball!! I do thank my MawMaw and Grandpa Ed for exposing me to country music at a very young age during all those trips to Iowa in the 80’s. It’s funny to think that a few summers with them created my liking to country music (as much as hate to admit it) more than the 20+ years that I lived in Texas. Although, the tractors and freshly pulled beets will never be a norm to me. I do think of my grandparents when listening to Dolly and country music in general and that’s a real nice feeling. ♥

One of my personal favorites :: Coat of Many Colors

Another fave :: Jolene

It’s not Dolly, but a good song. I hate to love this song :: George Strait –  All my ex’s live in Texas

Oh yes, all my ex’s do reside in Texas!


One thought on “Dollywoooooo!!

  1. Awww! My grandma loved Dolly, too, especially ‘All my ex’s live in Texas.’ She used to sing that to us when they left to go back to Florida, but, you know, in a loving way and now it makes my sister and me cry when we hear it (when we’re drunk). Happy Birthday, Dolly!

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