best songs of 2011: part two

here is part two of my top songs of 2011. did you miss part one?


grouplove – itchin on a photograph 

2011 has been the ‘year of grouplove.’ as of tomorrow night, i will have seen this band five times live this year so chances are high they will appear on my top live shows list of 2011. they were my top choice to check out at sxsw and since march they have gained so much momentum and have recently played on the letterman show. it was difficult to choose a favorite grouplove song, for i also like tongue tied and lovely cup. funny thing…i’m in the video for lovely cup which was all filmed during sxsw.


high highs – open season

i am anxiously awaiting for more music from the high highs. currently they have a ‘4-track album’ but last time i checked that was called an ep. anyhoo, a close eye will be on the high highs for the next year.


the joy formidable – whirring

ritzy bryan’s voice is a combination of innocence and bad-assery…i love this song and am kicking myself for missing the joy formidable live.


oh land – son of a gun

nanna øland fabricius has an amazing voice and is absolutely gorgeous! oh land is basically a danish version of nelly furtado and kylie minogue combined. she has really good dance moves too for she was a former ballerina.


sin fang – because of the blood

sindri már sigfússon (of seabear) has been working on his solo project, sin fang, for several years now. the latest release, summer echoes, is absolutely beautiful and a bit more experimental than seabear’s folk sound. i love the simplicity and creativity of sindri’s videos. so lovely!




4 thoughts on “best songs of 2011: part two

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  2. These are really great songs! I’m always on the hunt for new music material, and now thanks to you, I’ll definitely download Sin Fang.:)
    x, Niki

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