chbp is here!

i am super psyched for this year’s capitol hill block party, which will be my first! there are some amazing acts playing that i’ve seen tons of times before as well as some fresh acts that have been on my bands-to-see list for a while. these are my picks for this weekend so far, but i plan to spend the day sampling all of the bands listed here. i am most excited for the head and the heart, which i have not seen yet despite them being from seattle. even though i got my fill of baths a few times at sxsw, i will be front row…again. and then there is explosions in the sky, an amazing and very special band.

*friday *boat *craft spells *the fresh and onlys *woods *thurston moore *ra ra riot *the head and the heart *yuck *saturday *ravenna woods *seapony *teen daze *beat connection *baths *sunday *lake *grand hallway *campfire ok *papercuts *battles *explosions in the sky *pink mountaintops


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