i was on a mountain

our foursome set out for a long holiday weekend of camping in the olympic mountains for my bro-in-law’s birthday. it was a blast. it’s so nice to get away from technology (though i used my phone for these photos). silly me took my new nikon, but left the memory card at home. oops. and sadly the digital waterproof camera crapped out as well so no photos of rafting on the elwah river, which was the best part of the weekend. it’s lovely this time of year in the northwest, except if you are allergic to grass be sure to pack the allergy pills.

the elwah river.

at a little bar called the junction. we stopped in for a snack but had shots instead. i want to retire in port angeles and buy this yellow-haired lady’s bar.

i love the bathroom! most people think it’s ugly, but i really like wood paneling.

the boys playing catch on a private beach.

canadia. hehe.

a hardcore to-yo-ta.

on the way to the hot springs.

so pretty. i want to go back!


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