sounds like hallelujah

the head and the heart is my current band obsession and has been for months now. it’s funny to think this time last year, they were singing in coffee shops and record stores around seattle, which is pretty cool considering they formed not too long ago, in 2009. kudos to sub pop records for snatching them up.

they are so rad, they don’t even need instruments!


t for texas (jimmie rodgers cover)


annie’s week in photos 7.24.11

la jolla, california

stone brewery – escondido, california

green flash brewing co – vista, california

the lost abbey – san marcos, california

ballast point brewing co – san diego, california

seattle sounders vs manchester united – a “friendly match”

gaius stole my carrot!

the head and the heart at capitol hill block party – seattle

campfire ok at capitol hill block party – seattle

explosions in the sky closing out the capitol hill block party – seattle

chbp is here!

i am super psyched for this year’s capitol hill block party, which will be my first! there are some amazing acts playing that i’ve seen tons of times before as well as some fresh acts that have been on my bands-to-see list for a while. these are my picks for this weekend so far, but i plan to spend the day sampling all of the bands listed here. i am most excited for the head and the heart, which i have not seen yet despite them being from seattle. even though i got my fill of baths a few times at sxsw, i will be front row…again. and then there is explosions in the sky, an amazing and very special band.

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i was on a mountain

our foursome set out for a long holiday weekend of camping in the olympic mountains for my bro-in-law’s birthday. it was a blast. it’s so nice to get away from technology (though i used my phone for these photos). silly me took my new nikon, but left the memory card at home. oops. and sadly the digital waterproof camera crapped out as well so no photos of rafting on the elwah river, which was the best part of the weekend. it’s lovely this time of year in the northwest, except if you are allergic to grass be sure to pack the allergy pills.

the elwah river.

at a little bar called the junction. we stopped in for a snack but had shots instead. i want to retire in port angeles and buy this yellow-haired lady’s bar.

i love the bathroom! most people think it’s ugly, but i really like wood paneling.

the boys playing catch on a private beach.

canadia. hehe.

a hardcore to-yo-ta.

on the way to the hot springs.

so pretty. i want to go back!

thrift store chair

i have lots of projects lined up around the house and have been in the mood to get started on them! my plan is to buy several mismatching dining chairs without arms and paint them all the same color and use the same fabric. i like that the chairs will be uniform and different at the same time. we currently have a dining area shared with our roomies so hopefully these will all be done by the time we get our own space. i’m a procrastinator so we will see. this chair is completed and i have another ready to go. i’d like to get at least two more for a set of four dining chairs and have no idea yet on the future table.

i bought this chair last fall at value village for only $7.99!! the original cushion was pink and gross.

while perusing at ikea i spotted this adorable fabric in the gunilla pattern at $7.99/yard so bought a few yards. i love the bright colors contrasting with the dark background. after choosing the fabric, i knew white would be the perfect color for a clean cheery look.

i used behr paint and primer in white. i’m always looking for shortcuts, although still ended up painting three coats. oh well.

finished! i love it and the fact that i did it makes me love it more! until the rest of the chairs are completed, this one is my office chair.

i am super excited for the next project! it’s another thrift find that will eventually be a housewarming gift for my friend in texas. i am fighting the urge to keep it for myself but i know she’ll have more use for it. it’s a cool vintage find!!

sun of a gun

i am currently in love with oh land! nanna øland fabricius has an amazing voice and is absolutely gorgeous! she is basically a danish version of nelly furtado. the former ballerina has some really good dance moves too. i have a feeling she is about to get a lot more popular by opening up for katy perry and sia in the next few months. her selt-titled album is out on iTunes for only $6.99 until 7/18/11!!

Music Monday: Skeleton$


local artist to: new york city

riyl: avant-garde, afro-pop, jazz rock, animal collective, dirty projectors

skeletons are a bit difficult to peg for a certain style of music. each song is different from the last but yet the ‘people’ album is oddly cohesive and well put together. i would love to see this band live!

listen & love

4th of july

after a stellar weekend camping in the olympic mountains, we enjoyed fireworks and patio chats at theresa’s place on south lake union. the fireworks in seattle are supposed to be top 10 in the nation. I am not sure if this is actually true, but they were quite amazing.

a refreshing and delicious watermelon wheat beer for the 4th of july! …and incredibly appropriate. i am currently smitten with the beers at 21st amendment brewery and the can designs. oh, and i just love the craft beer can movement.

happy birthday!

wackdelly is one year old today!

today is the first birthday of my little blog! exciting isn’t it?! it is for me since i am that person that doesn’t finish what i start so it’s damn cool to still be typing away one year after the first post.

the central theme of the site has stayed true with my love of exploring new bands and traveling to shows and festivals around the globe. hopefully the next year will have lots of new music discoveries and other rad stuff!

so thanks to “the three people that actually read this.”

summer skin

i am so ready for a long weekend of hiking, rafting, campfires and sleeping under the stars. yay for long holiday weekends!

i love the gorgeous colors in this photo

won’t you buy me a winnebago? ..or at least this print

who needs a flashlight? i want these glow jars

adorable print on etsy

favorite band of 2010, seabear