puppy love

this is my puppy dog, helo, named after karl c. agathon from battlestar galactica (aka “helo” ….pronounced heeee-low). he is a total sweetheart and could possibly be a cylon sympathizer also. anyhoo, helo is a puggle (beagle + pug) who loves to cuddle, eat cookies and runs crooked. the minute i saw helo on craigslist in 2009, i knew he was ours. he is my little brindle buddy.

this is gaius (pronounced ‘gai-us’ …simple huh??) he is also a puggle. a deceptive little puggle! his namesake is gaius baltar from battlestar galactica as well. michael happened to see him in las vegas while working out there for a year. it was kind of a hassle to get gaius back to texas, but totally worth it! he is completely nuts and we have to use a choke collar on him (it’s humane, i promise) but he is sweet when he wants to be. if you see an annoying dog barking around greenlake, that is gaius. he is my little pooches.

some more photos…

this is dinner time. he is giving his beg-fo-food face.


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