sxsw 2011 – part uno

it was a crazy fun sxsw this year! while i could fill up a whole page on everything i did while in austin, it would take a while and probably not be that interesting to anyone but me. sadly the number of beers drank was more than then number of bands seen. but that’s ok. i had a rad time with friends as well as running around on my own and meeting new people.

it is not the greatest video quality and i was dancing a bit while filming. enjoy!

yuck: the wall. sharp set but not much stage presence.

baths: aminals. amazing live! i have a crush on will wiesenfeld… so adorable.

grouplove: gold coast. incredible energy on stage. best performance imo.

grouplove: colours. this person was standing next to me at the same show filming. you can prob hear me screaming. again, best sxsw performance overall!


5 thoughts on “sxsw 2011 – part uno

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