the gambler

i have been playing lots of texas hold ’em recently and am even the point leader of the week in the seattle poker open! *yay!* i don’t claim to be a great poker player but i do claim to love the game. so naturally i have poker on the brain. here are some pretty sweet playing card inspired creations and goodies.


this would look lovely hanging in our house. (source)


omg, these suit hats are totally adorable! i could wear it at the championship tourney perhaps?? (source)



ahhh, my love of 8-bit video games and poker combined. (source)



annie want dunny! (source)



cool sith print. (source)



pretty vintage playing cards… i might have to start a new collection! (source)


5 thoughts on “the gambler

  1. i recently thrifted those cards on the bottom left! they came as a set with a blue deck in a pretty glitter box – and they were only $0.50! if i find any other cool/pretty sets for cheap, i’ll pick them up and send them to you if you’re interested.

  2. Hi hi Rick! I guess they will give just anyone a WordPress page these days. Kidding 😛

    See you at the poker table!

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