i love seattle: seattle rock orchestra

seattle rock orchestra performs radiohead

there is lots of excitement surrounding radiohead at the moment. the band’s newest release the king of limbs is currently available for download. and i absolutely love how they are releasing albums digitally and then following up a few months later with a beautifully put together vinyl and cd package. it will be like christmas in may! i still plan to frame some of the artwork that was included with the in rainbows set a few years ago. yes, i am slow to get to my projects but this might be moved up on my endless project to-do list.

anyhoo, the seattle rock orchestra performed music from radiohead’s ok computer and the bends this last weekend. i did miss this event (boo!) but the idea of something like this is so damn cool. luckily seattle show gal posted a review of the evening so i am not left feeling completely in the dark. oh and the special guests included seattle artists rachel flotard (visqueen) and john van deusen (the lonely forest) which made the evening more grand.

thanks to miss megan for posting this video, i’ve watched it about five times already. enjoy!


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