in through the out door

the past few months have been about getting settled into our rental house with our roommates and most importantly finding room for stuff. in a house with no closets…yes, i said no closets(!!!)… i am about to go out of my mind and have thrown a few temper tantrums along the way being frustrated with the fact that my small mountain of clothes in the corner of the bedroom has no home. once i get the organization under control, the beautification will begin. i love these elements and would like to have a clean, airy, outdoorsy bedroom.


i love this bed.



i want that stump side table!



i’ve always been a big fan of this wallpaper.



the owls are super cool, but i’m not sure i could cover a whole wall with them.



this blue wall is so dreamy!



i like the flow here.




this room is absolute dreadful! oh right, this is our bedroom. ugh.


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