Music Monday: Grouplove


local artist to: los angeles california

riyl: the vaccines, modest mouse, yuck

etc: check them out at sxsw 2011! they are playing at the floating fest day party on 3/17 (presented by flying dog brewery and i guess i’m floating ) …which is where i plan to be camped out.

hannah hooper met christian zucconi late one evening on the lower east side of manhattan. they had both been living in new york for years and had never crossed paths before. but from that night forward the two could hardly be pulled apart. soon after their connection hooper was invited to an art residency in greece on the island of crete and hooper insists “without any hesitation” she invited zucconi to join her on this journey. “seriously, we had only known one another for a few days but are both so inspired and alive when we are together that going to greece seemed like a magical and natural thing to do” recalls zucconi.

on crete, in a small remote mountain village, hooper and zucconi met the members of their future band “grouplove” a year before it was officially formed. sean gadd, a natural songwriter and guitar player, born and bred in london instantly bonded with the two eccentric new yorkers. their relationship became apparent through the music they were making day in and day out. andrew wessen, a pro surfer and musician from los angeles and his childhood friend ryan rabin, an accomplished drummer and producer, were also at the residency and quickly joined in with the musical trio. these five musicians make up the members of what we now know as grouplove. (source)

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week in film and tv 2.26.2011


exit through the gift shop (2010)

interesting documentary about street artists with a twist at the end. it portrays the works of banksy and shepard fairey (obey giant) among others. without giving too much away, just watch it. this film is up for an oscar and will likely win.


the runaways (2010)

music biographies are among my favorite kind of films. i had no idea that the runaways existed before joan jett and the heartbreakers. i liked this one and still can’t believe that dakota fanning is not a little girl anymore.



i’m still here (2010)

this is a horrible movie about joaquin phoenix’s transition from actor to rapper. joaquin starts to look like zach galifianakis (whom i love) halfway through and there are strange conversations with edward james olmos, sean combs, and ben stiller. it all seems forced and phony. and he can’t rap for crap. so it’s gotta be a hoax.



long way round (2004)

this is the second time we’ve watched this series. i love ewan mcgregor and michael loves motorcycles so it works out. it is an incredible journey of two friends riding motorcycles from london to new york. there is a second series, long way down, where ewan and charley ride from scotland to all the way down to south africa.

i love seattle: seattle rock orchestra

seattle rock orchestra performs radiohead

there is lots of excitement surrounding radiohead at the moment. the band’s newest release the king of limbs is currently available for download. and i absolutely love how they are releasing albums digitally and then following up a few months later with a beautifully put together vinyl and cd package. it will be like christmas in may! i still plan to frame some of the artwork that was included with the in rainbows set a few years ago. yes, i am slow to get to my projects but this might be moved up on my endless project to-do list.

anyhoo, the seattle rock orchestra performed music from radiohead’s ok computer and the bends this last weekend. i did miss this event (boo!) but the idea of something like this is so damn cool. luckily seattle show gal posted a review of the evening so i am not left feeling completely in the dark. oh and the special guests included seattle artists rachel flotard (visqueen) and john van deusen (the lonely forest) which made the evening more grand.

thanks to miss megan for posting this video, i’ve watched it about five times already. enjoy!

Music Monday: Astronautalis


local artist to: seattle washington

riyl: electric president, indie-rock-rapping, radical face

etc: his improv songs at the end of his set are impressive. check him out at sxsw 2011!

it was only after having chosen the name astronautalis for himself while in high school in jacksonville, florida, that the rapper (born andy bothwell) began to make himself heard in the local circuit, winning battles and competing at the scribble jam. though he was known for his witty freestyling, astronautalis’ musical influences and interests fell outside the hip-hop realm, as well, and he performed on the Warped Tour for three years. It was his rhyming, however, that he pursued while studying theater at college in dallas, and in 2003 he self-released his debut, you and yer good ideas (which was sold only at his live shows), with production help from friend and fellow musician ben cooper (from radical face). It wasn’t until two years later that the album was picked up by orlando-based fighting records (who signed him after seeing him perform), which reissued it and then in 2006 released his follow-up, mighty ocean and nine dark theaters, a record that found astronautalis moving away from rapping and more toward shoegazer-inspired indie rock. from

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Music Monday: The Bears of Blue River

the bears of blue river

local artists to: chicago illinois

riyl: margot and the nuclear so and so’s, folk rock, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

etc: they are playing sxsw next month and are on my must see list!

the bears of blue river are friends with day jobs who that began gathering in the evenings to make silly noises in a dilapidated old apartment with wooden floors. soon they found themselves playing folk diddies dressed up with some bop about them. their roots define them as hoosiers but currently they are split between chicago, indianapolis, and muncie. they are simple folks but with one request…. share the bear!  from

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i am on the hunt for headboard ideas and of course, the cheaper the better! i’d like to create something myself and so far  have chosen gray and yellow for the main colors. still seeking inspiration for the materials so in the meantime,  i’ll just see if something jumps out at me. this bedroom project might take awhile….

this makes me rethink bright pink!


for the bookworm


classic photography look


simple and adorable



i just love gray and yellow


almost forgot about fabric


i will dumpster dive for something like this!

in through the out door

the past few months have been about getting settled into our rental house with our roommates and most importantly finding room for stuff. in a house with no closets…yes, i said no closets(!!!)… i am about to go out of my mind and have thrown a few temper tantrums along the way being frustrated with the fact that my small mountain of clothes in the corner of the bedroom has no home. once i get the organization under control, the beautification will begin. i love these elements and would like to have a clean, airy, outdoorsy bedroom.


i love this bed.



i want that stump side table!



i’ve always been a big fan of this wallpaper.



the owls are super cool, but i’m not sure i could cover a whole wall with them.



this blue wall is so dreamy!



i like the flow here.




this room is absolute dreadful! oh right, this is our bedroom. ugh.