i love seattle: willy wonka smell-o-vision

willy wonka in smell-o-vision by SIFF!

i love gene wilder! blazing saddles is the reason for that (mostly b/c of my father’s influence…i can recite most of the film by heart). but anyhoo, siff cinema has awesomely come out with this annual weekend full of willy wonka sing-a-long, sniff-a-long and taste-a-long views of this stellar classic. while most everyone, even those under the age of ten, have seen this classic numerous times… it was still as exciting as seeing it for the first time…and i have no idea when my first time actually was but long live gene wilder!!


One thought on “i love seattle: willy wonka smell-o-vision

  1. This is such an awesome idea! I love Seattle and visit whenever possible. Love reading your “Reasons I love Seattle” with all the cool local knowledge.

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