Music Monday: Tim and Sam’s Tim and The Sam Band

exposing unsigned or lesser known bands to the masses…or to the three people that actually read this. today’s band:

tim and sam’s tim and the sam band

local band to: manchester uk

riyl: boats, pick a piper, glockenspiel, seaside music festivals

we stumbled upon this band playing in a cave-type venue in the gorgeous town of brighton while on our honeymoon in 2008. they have progressed into a great band and have added lyrics over the years. hope you like them as much as we do!

photo courtesy of myspace

tim and sam started their live career at manchester’s world renowned in the city festival. since then, the band have perfected their performance playing over 200 live shows, including sets at latitude, swn and the great escape festivals. all four members oft tim and sam are accomplished multi-instrumentalists, effortlessly switching between instruments such as glockenspiel, harmonium and clarinet during their live performances. tim mciver takes the lead role and constantly impresses fans with the flawless use of his acoustic guitar and loop pedals.

their live set builds to a climax with three members of the band taking to the drums and building a firework like crescendo. away from the live arena, the band’s music has been championed by many radio tastemakers including huw stephens, rob da bank, john kennedy, bethan eflyn and tom robinson (to name a few). their support has been cemented by the offering of live radio sessions on several major radio stations, playing sets on radio 1, 6music and xfm. (read more)



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